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Rolando Man wins Dumbass of the year award

Just clearing the way for Santa?

“Firefighters took more than an hour to rescue the 26-year-old, who said he used to live at the one-story home on Cartagena Drive near Malcolm Drive, said city fire department spokesman Maurice Luque.

The man told rescuers that he had been screaming for help for hours. A neighbor finally heard him and called authorities.”

This happened right around the corner from my house.

Matt and David at Your Service

Matt and David at Your Service, originally uploaded by foltzwerk.

Scene from the University Avenue Cleanup Day, October 2006.

Just keepin’ the hood clean, you know how we do.
Best part was when the guy yelled at us for cleaning up his trash-infested property. Nice.

Mini-Dorms AKA Student Ghetto

SignOnSanDiego has an interesting article about the problem with “Mini Dorms” in SDSU-adjacent College View Estates, which is near my ‘hood. Basically a Mini-Dorm is best described as “10 college kids in a run-down 2BR rancher”.

Living in the College Area, we have our share of College Kid problems too. Although Rolando Village is just far enough away from SDSU to avoid the worst of the partying and noise, we still have a lot of college kids in the area.

The biggest problem we’ve had is the driving – SDSU kids like to tear-ass around the residential neighborhoods in their lifted trucks, despite the fact that we’ve got tons of little kids and seniors in the area. Thankfully, the City of San Diego heeded our call for more stop signs, and we’ve recently received three new stop signs on my block, which has made a noticeable difference.

There are 2 houses on my block which can be considered “Mini Dorms”. One is just a white trash family who rents their garage to any crackhead with enough cash to pay the rent. The other is a well-kept home with several “Cabanas” in the backyard that are popular with foreign students. The owners are a very nice gay couple and to date we have really had zero problems.

I do feel for the people close to SDSU. There are some blocks in El Cerrito and College View Estates that are nearly 100% college rentals. The city does have a program in place to target chronic party houses, which seems to work, but there is no legal limit on residents in a single family home. Past attempts at the city to enforce this have been struck down by the courts.

Mini-dorms raise ire of neighbors

Grassy Sassy

There is an enemy among us, and it is called Bermuda Grass.

One day, while mowing my lush, deep green lawn, I noticed a small patch of ‘fuzzy’ grass.  I thought “no big deal, it’s just grass, right?”. Wrong. It was Bermuda Grass.

3 months later, the small fuzzy patch has become a big fuzzy patch, and the battle to eliminate the invader has begun.

Bermuda Grass is a rhizome, meaning it actually grows laterally, beneath the soil.  It’s roots are hair-like strands which can extend up to 2 feet below the surface.  The Bermuda spreads laterally along the surface, propagating a mesh of woody roots on top of healthy turfgrasses (like my precious) tall fescue.

Bermuda can’t be removed by hand.  Believe me I tried – an hour of pulling might kill a square foot.  Kinda futile when you have 1000 square feet of grass.  Herbicidal options are few – most internet searches yield only the dreaded ‘nuclear option’ – kill the whole lawn  – Bermuda and all – with RoundUP and start over.

After much searching, I located a product called Ornamec, supposedly the only product that can kill Bermuda.  Extremely expensive and only available via landscaping product wholesalers, I have placed my hope and faith in this nasty juice.  Let’s hope it works!