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hip floater

hippie floater, originally uploaded by Sassberto.

Memorial Skatepark, Logan Heights, San Diego CA


Ouchies, originally uploaded by Sassberto.

Sassy + 50-50 on an overwaxed ledge = bruised butt

Ryan in the Danger Zone

Ryan in the Danger Zone, originally uploaded by Sassberto.

Ryan went all berzerker and got into the over-vert section of the Upland fullpipe. Not shown: the complete stackage that followed.

Sassy’s Setup

  • 8.5″ Toy Machine “Fist” team board w/good extra nubby grip
  • 149mm Independent Stage 9 with 1/8″ riser
  • Indy medium orange replacement bushings
  • Independent 11.8” hardware
  • Bones Swiss Bearings
  • 58mm Bones SPF or 58mm Powell Bowlriders

First thing I do when I get a new set of Indy’s is replace the lower stock bushing with the Indy replacement bushings. The replacement bushings turn better and aren’t ‘squishy’ or ‘creaky’ like the stock ones. Also it’s a good idea to replace the kingpins, but I don’t always do that. I ride my trucks as loose as possible with the kingpin nut just flush to the top of the bolt.

I used to go cheap on the bearings until I finally splurged and went for the Bones Swiss. They are worth the money and are fast as lighting. I also used to be a Spitfire Wheels devotee but the Bones SPF (Skatepark Formula) are the greatest wheels ever. They will never flat-spot, never turn yellow, and are extremely hard and fast with amazing slide control.

It’s really tough to find the bigger boards that aren’t old school shapes. For the most part you have to go online to get them as most shops only carry gear aimed towards the kiddie market. Black Label, Anti-Hero, Consolidated, Toy Machine, and a host of smaller companies now offer 8.5 and larger boards with regular shapes but you may have to beg your local shop to carry them.

Fontana Skatepark


Fontana Skatepark, originally uploaded by Sassberto.

Fontana Skatepark is located in a scary neighborhood, but the park is amazing. Huge street, lotsa small bowls and flow section, and this bowl above, which is a masterpiece. Endless flow, endless speed, perfect transitions and perfect surface. Only complaint is the steel coping instead of real pool coping and tile. Watch your gear but check this park out.

Upland Skatepark

Upland Skatepark, originally uploaded by Sassberto.

This thing is big and bad.  12 foot walls with a foot or more of vert, no flatbottom, and a bowl big enough to contain the speed-wobble-inducing speed you’ll gain by the time you hit it.  Not for beginners.  The chick in the picture above was ripping this thing.

Chino Skatepark

Chino Skatepark, originally uploaded by Sassberto.

This small bowl at Chino was steep, tight, and smooth.  Needed to be a little bigger and the trannies a little more round, but a fun ride. Felt like a real pool.