Grassy Sassy

There is an enemy among us, and it is called Bermuda Grass.

One day, while mowing my lush, deep green lawn, I noticed a small patch of ‘fuzzy’ grass.  I thought “no big deal, it’s just grass, right?”. Wrong.  It was Bermuda Grass.

3 months later, the small fuzzy patch has become a big fuzzy patch, and the battle to eliminate the invader has begun.

Bermuda Grass is a rhizome, meaning it actually grows laterally, beneath the soil.  It’s roots are hair-like strands which can extend up to 2 feet below the surface.  The Bermuda spreads laterally along the surface, propagating a mesh of woody roots on top of healthy turfgrasses (like my precious) tall fescue.

Bermuda can’t be removed by hand.  Believe me I tried – an hour of pulling might kill a square foot.  Kinda futile when you have 1000 square feet of grass.  Herbicidal options are few – most internet searches yield only the dreaded ‘nuclear option’ – kill the whole lawn  – Bermuda and all – with RoundUP and start over.

After much searching, I located a product called Ornamec, supposedly the only product that can kill Bermuda  Extremely expensive and only available via landscaping product wholesalers, I have placed my hope and faith in this nasty juice.  Let’s hope it works!


  1. Tibs says:

    Well, Having dealt with various “grass” over the years I have 2 recommendations:
    1)Use the urine of an Australian Bagel Beetle. Their UB’s ar ehighly effective in displacing the grass
    2) go with a Caribbean motif in your pad and embrace the overall islandy lifestyle of your lawn.

  2. peter lee says:

    I’ve had grass from California, Maui, Mexico, and I’m sure other places, but never from Bermuda. I can only imagine how hard it would be to smoke Bermuda grass and remember to drive on the left side at the same time!