Shit I gave up on long ago

– Intelligent, balanced conversations about politics and / or religion.

– Debating the meaning of life.

– Being a millionaire. I never really tried too hard on that one.

– Kickflips. Yeah I can do em’, but I hate missing, so screw it.

– the Bar scene. Was it ever fun? I can’t remember, I was drunk.

– high expectations … just don’t expect anything from anyone, you’ll never be disappointed.

– not having a car in SoCal. That shit don’t fly ’round here.

– thinking that people with fancy degrees are somehow smarter / better at stuff. It ain’t necessarily true!

– teaching new tricks to old dogs.. it doesn’t work!

– resentment of someone for what they did or didn’t do a million years ago.

– avoiding work, stress, pain or displeasure – suck it up!

– working 60 hour weeks. Never again I say! (Well, unless the money’s real good)