Decade of Aggression

This November marks my tenth year living in San Diego. Amazing how time flies, no?

Anyway, here’s a list of stuff that people in CA just don’t get when it comes to the East Coast.

– “The East Coast” is not Wisconsin, Michigan, or Chicago either.

– “The Hamptons” and “The Cape” are not hot new pop bands from OC.

– “Rich” means Westchester mansions and a free pass to an Ivy league school, not a tract home in Eastlake and a yellow H2!

– Clams, mussels, and steamers… many in SoCal have no idea what these things are.

– “The City” is not San Fransisco, although I will excuse you if you grew up in the BA.

– If you think it’s too cold back east, you are a pussy. If you are not willing to visit a place because it’s cold there, you are a putz.

– People in CA don’t know what a putz is.

– People in CA don’t know what a ‘Hero’ (sandwich) is.

– People in CA don’t know that back East, you don’t name your kid Chad or Trey.

– People in CA don’t know that some of us paid attention in school, and that some of us are actually interested in … anything.

But, I do love CA. It’s my adopted home. Nowhere else in the country has such diversity… mountains and desert to the east… ocean to the west… hillbillies and republicans to the east… lesbians and yoga-nazis to the west…. one love kiddies!