M-M-M-Make it so!

So kiddies, it’s about that time of year… time for delicious turks, mashie p’s, and assorted wine drinkage. Ahh the holiday season!

Of course myself, the Wife and Tibsy will be heading to the East Coast for some family fun, X-Mas Eve at Gunthers, and a couple nights in NYC.

In other news, the San Diego Housing Bubble appears to have finally burst, and with prices finally falling from their astronomical highs your boy Sassy is back on the prowl for a shitty shack in the gizzey ghetto. Must-haves: enough yard to build a 4-foot mini-ramp.

In other news my new 5AM waking schedule has proven a success, as I am outta work at 3 and hitting up the skatepark on the daily. I have officially reached ‘local’ status and am one of the rare few to rep in da bowls and on da street.

Former / Current / Ex / Semi Professional skater Chris Dobstaff has been localizing the park these days. It’s interesting to see a real sreet skater in action. Unlike most people, this guy actually lands his tricks. I don’t think he ever misses the flippy deals.