Major drag, dude

Super busy lately and no time for the web site. Sorry kiddies. Your boy is at the edge of sanity and this website ain’t on the list of TODO’s.

Anyway here’s some bulletpoints to get everyone up to speed

* job sucks, got raise, sucks less, but still sucks. Turned down 2 gigs paying 20% over my current salary – why?

* summer 03′: 6 condos in my range. summer 04: 300 condos in my range. Something is up.

* Wife started her fulltime teaching gig after years of busting ass. Cheers, baby! Heavy laminating going down on a daily basis.

* Saw the Muffs with Tibsy and Dru Down friday nite. Rocked. Kim is mellowing, less shreiking.

* Off the chronic and it feels so right. Minor relapse, but it ain’t no thang.

* SNAFU with the dealer meant waiting 4 hours in Escon-shithole to get the passenger side window working on the Mini. Can a nigga get a loaner?

* C/C++ class #2 done and done. I can actually write C programs now. Do I bother with more school?

* Doing Thanksgiving in NY this year. 10th high school class reunion also. Dork factor: high.

* Finally got the wireless kit in the home. Bitchen.

* Curb Your Enthusiasm rules. I wish I had HBO, we watched all the DVD’s in 2 weeks.

* A new TV is in the works. Must have 16:9. Finally got the blown channel in the stereo fixed. Crystal clear 5.1 surround, kiddies!

* ABKCO re-released all the early Rolling Stones albums. Get the first record, if only for ‘Carol’.

Well, thats all I got. Carry on.