I am real programmer now

I have written my first C program! It’s about 100 lines, just a little command-line program. Takes 3 arguments, a path to a PNG input file, a path to a PNG output file, and a text string. It then takes the input image, paints some lines on it, and writes the text, and spits it out to the ouput file.

I used libgd which is a very easy-to-use graphics library which I was familiar with from my PHP days.

Thoughs on C after years of scripting and VM-based languages:
* It’s easy to use!
* Pointers are tricky, but not that tricky
* working the compiler and the linker is kinda tough, and docs on the web are few.
* It’s not OOP, so you have to get used to doing gross stuff like printing output from a function body.