The Way

Last couple weeks have been Microsoft™ weeks.

Microsoft™ software is very strange stuff. It’s good stuff, though, definitely good. But strange.

My whole mindset shifts when I’m in Microsoft™ mode. You don’t even think about how you’re gonna do it, you just do it, as long as you remember one thing:

* one handful of crap,
* one handful of hardware

And it really works. Everyone in the office seems totally accepting and accustomed to hung applications, and they just sit there and watch, and eventually, as I’m discovering, the shit actually works!

What I will hand over to Microsoft™ is that they are really good at making really complicated things pretty easy to do. Really good.

What they are not so good at is things consistently working well.
The weird Microsoft™ errors are real and Windows™ heads know what I’m talking about. Don’t even try to deny it.

In the end, I have reached the conclusion that Microsoft™ technology is every bit as hokey as anyones elses.

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