The Old In Out, In Out

These days I really don’t know what to say about the Web.

On one hand, I’m writing code like a madman, blasting out sites and even dipping
in to some bleeding-edge stuff.
On the other, I’ve come to realize that 99% of the web is total crap!

So what’s a dev to do? Easy!

Build intranets !

Anyway. Here’s my nerd ins-and-outs for ya:

IN: OUT: Comments
Web Apps Manual updates It’s 1995 all over again!
‘Classic ASP’ .NET Led Zep is “Classic”. ASP? Not Classic.
ASP PHP It makes me weep….
Automation 5 Day Turnarounds Can you say “Outsourced”?
RSS SOAP Blogs, I don’t read em. SOAP is cool. Give it 5 years, or possibly never.
Clay Shirky Phil Greenspun That was just for Artlung
IM Forums Who has the time?
Buying shit P2P Who has the time?
Phone calls Email Who has the time?
Java .NET Barely, this time
SQL Programming ADO Programming as if…
Blogs The Weird Blog subulture I don’t understand
Hating Blogs The Weird Blog subulture includes moblogging, photoblogging, anything with blog in it
Everything / Nothing Blogs I was down, down like fuck
Not Getting with the Program Getting with the Program I like this group…. alll workers…no experts – Jesse James
Being Loud and Stupid Being Stupid Let the whole world know.

The End.