Battle of the Show Snovels ~ A P.Lee Experience

I was shoveling (guess what-more snow), when Old Man Ketcham gets out of his truck and starts ragging on me about putting the snow in the street, because he or somebody’s somehow going to get stuck on it.

I told him to pipe down and go into his house and have a drink. He charged towards me and stood inches away from my face exclaiming “I don’t drink!”

I told him the plow would be through here and nobody’s gonna get stuck and that he was a crazy old man and to go into his house.

He then grabbed the shovel which I was holding in the port arms position and was all red in the face and his beady, evil little eyes were burning a hole in the back of my head.

I told him that if I let go of the shovel I’m going inside and calling 911, and for him to go into his house. That evidently convinced him not to engage me further.

Oh well, it’s all in a day’s show snoveling!

This is absolutely true!