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  1. angelica y nacho

    hola beth!*

    de parte de la familia pantoja mariscal les deseamos que hayan pasado feliz navidad, y esperamos que tengan un feliz año nuevo.Como esta regina..?? en las fotos se ve muy bien! estuvo con ustedes???
    te dejamos el numero de la casa 013333307661 y el correo de mi hija melvis. angiie_-9@hotmail.com

  2. Zannah Hackett Ph.D.

    Love your blog! What an inspiration you are for Dads. Props to you. Our kids are much older (19,23, 26 and 27) of which 3 are boys and one is a new father… sending this one on.

    My husband and I are relationship experts and technologists during business hours but during off hours I am a skate widow. My husband is a legendary pro and I love the fact that you lead a balaced life as well.

    Zannah Hackett
    (right arm of David Hackett)

  3. Y from FL

    You have a beautiful family. I’ve seen your posts on City-Data.com and decided to write you. I hope you don’t mind. Could you help me? I sent a post on City Data and my husband and I need to make a decision today.

    Thanks for your reponse in advance,

    Y. from Florida

    Here it is:
    So I’ve read your posts about San Diego, that the SE is bad, that there are gangs there. I also read about University, College and El Cajon Blvd being bad, and having drug and car theft problems. But El Cajon Blvd covers a big area.
    My husband is in SD right now on an interview, we live in FL though. We need to make a desicion today. We would have to live in the area close to Fletcher Hills Elementary,(Fletcher Pway) is that area good?
    I would like to live in Carlsbad or around, but we have a rent deal, so for a little while and while we learn the area, if we accept the job, that is where we would live. What do you think? I will always be grateful for your help. Since we don’t know anything or anyone there, I am basing my desicion on the info I can get here and other research.

    Thanks again and all the best,

    Y. from Florida

  4. Shannon94

    Hey Sassberto…wow I’m resourceful…it’s Shannon94 your favorite gal from city data!! lol Anyway…what the heck happened to CD?? Poof..it’s just gone!!
    Wow I feel like a stalker…you have a beautiful family!!!! what a gorgeous baby boy!!! Anyway..let me know what happened to CD if you know!!

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