Turkey Time

I am a big Thanksgiving fan.  It’s a holiday with the sole purpose of getting together, eating, drinking, and being merry.  There’s no religious overtones, no consumerism-tainted gift-guilting, and it’s a one-day thing – no endless parties and social events around it.  Plus, it’s a 4-day weekend just when you think you’re about to go insane from not having a day off since Labor Day.

For me, a proper Thanksgiving is a must.  No need for new traditions here.  Just turkey, taters, gravy, wine.  See you in the food coma, kiddies!

5 thoughts on “Turkey Time

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  2. Tostada Feet

    Do not forget the joy of:
    -Angry, complaining mother
    -vomit threatening post dinner deserts
    -bathroom line ups from “turkey trots”

  3. peter lee

    I noticed that I, your beloved father am not seated at the al fresco dinner. Don’t worry about it though, cause your mother had a delicious Swanson TV dinner, while Dan & I had Hungry Man dinners. Stuffed? I could barely breathe!

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