LA Weekly Detour

This weekend I headed up to Los Angeles for the LA Weekly Detour Street Festival. Saw a bunch of bands including Beck and Queens of the Stone Age.

Check out the pics and enjoy the bullet points below!

Highlights include:

  • Paying 30% over face value on tickets for processing fees, reservation fees, and a $2.50 charge to email the tickets.
  • Riding the LA Metro from Long Beach to Downtown LA via Compton,Watts, and Slauson district. That is one big-ass ghetto! Cholos were throwing signs at the train as we rode past. We were joined by some actual gangsters on the way home.
  • The youngsters are sporting some seriously ridiculous 80’s gear these days. Leggings, hotpants, vests, spray-painted gold shoes? One chick was looking straight off the set of Little House on the Prairie. I don’t understand the steez… what is it supposed to be? I could bust out my Bad Boy Club jams and OP shirt with my gradient-tinted aviator glasses… would that be cool?
  • Beck had a video of the entire band playing.. as puppets. That was cool. Did you know Beck also has songs that aren’t just incoherent gibberish?
  • I was surprised at the number of people making phone calls and texting during a rock show. Best was the hipster doofus with the crackberry… can’t afford anything but thrift store clothes yet he’s rocking the $70/month service plan?
  • Queens of the Stone age put on a good set. Also saw a band called Nortec Collective which was cool trippy techno. Their stage show consisted of three guys with laptops. What were they working so hard on up there… checking their email?
  • It’s really get hard to get drunk on $6 beers… next time we’re bringing some tequila.
  • Hyperactive waitresses before coffee are not funny.
  • After not hearing it for easily 5 years, I heard Extreme’s `More Than Words` twice in two days!

3 thoughts on “LA Weekly Detour

  1. Lungeleno

    Sounds like a good time, and public transport to boot! Good on ya!

    Our Saturday was busy with the kids’ football game. I totally want to hit Canter’s or suchlike sometime another time you’re in the area.

    Take care!

  2. Yuki

    The highlights of LA Detour were this new band WIRED ALL WRONG, and ofcourse, Basement Jaxx! I totally agree, the fashion at LA Detour was WHACK….just because it’s “trendy” does not mean it’s not completely hideous.

  3. Mbeanis

    I was glad, too to see wired allw rong (who knew they’d be able to pull it off like that live?) and then peeping tom of course was quite special too. Thank god Mike patton can still sing words in a coherent melody and scare little eight year old girls for no reason.

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