Cannot be Described

Firstly, shouts to Elias Vict who lives in freaking New Orleans and has been through some shit! Hang in there dude!

So much gone down in the past few:

– QOTSA & NIN abortion

– Colimas hangover

– Saw Foo Fighters / Weezer with Tibsy. You CAN have too much Weezer. I stayed comfortably seated for that show, and enjoyed a cold soda.

– Got a new Job (so far so good, although some drama on the way out the door was unfortunate)

– Seeing my wife’s cousin Jimmy at the skatepark and he’s a ripper

– Bruised ribs on hangup to stackage, 2 weeks off the board, finally feeling better today

– Carne Asada for the Wife’s mom’s birthday, so meaty.

– Hit up Redondo for some surf and Santa Monica’s the Cove skatepark… oververt pocket, 12″ pool nutso on a Saturday morning.

– got into online Risk for a minute

– Saw the Who’s Line is it Anyway live show up at Pala casino.. drove up in the first real storm of the year… amazing lightning storms and lotsa car wrecks. Ryan Stiles rules.

– Did some freelance work and it quickly got outta control… gotta love the ‘lance!

– Padre Levi in Dago… wife outta town! PARTY VILLAGE KIDDIES!
– Holiday Season! Long Island or Paris this year? Carribean?
– Expedition to Colorado?