It’s been a while, but here’s some software for dat ass.

If you develop language-localized applications, you spend a lot of time making resource files. Mostly you use ResGen to do this, which is a fine little CLI tool that does the trick.

But, CLI tools are no fun, and this is .NET we’re talking about, so here’s a little GUI for ResGen.

Unzip, edit the config file to point to your ResGen binary (usually somewhere in the .NET SDK)

Browse to your text resource file, and *poof* – generate a binary .resources file.

The tool is by no means complete or even useful, but what the hell – I need a break from webapps now and again!

Download it here:

You’d laugh if you knew how easy this is to do with .NET. All you need is the System.Process classes, a simple WinForms class, and some minor text munching. Cakewalk.

P.S. you need the .NET runtime installed for this thing to run!