The Fifty

So 8 months later and I’m pulling the 50. It’s not really as bad, or as good, as I thought it would be. It’s not The 60, or the dreaded 70, which is good.

I’m not going to trash the place here, even though I want to. It probably doesn’t deserve to be trashed.

There are some people in this world who exist solely for the sake of driving me up a wall. I am convinced of that.

Cubicles suck. Cubicles near heavily trafficked hallways suck. Speakerphone sucks.

In general, Corporate America™ reminds me more of High School than anything.

“What’s Best for the Company” may not be.

There exists a certain point where you schedule, or you die. There are 2 kinds of schedules: “Your schedule” and “their schedule”. Some people don’t understand that “their priorities” may not be “your priotities”.

99% percent of “What’s Best for the Company” is “their priorities”

The law of the schoolyard applies.

Rank & Title matter. Politics matter. Politics sucks.

You may have to fight to do your job.

For every minute of time you save with a Microsoft™ product, you waste one working around a tiny, ridiculous, issue. Learn from the past, just copy the code from the MSDN. It seems to have worked for VB programmers for years.