Ow, my teef hurt

So, another week of gloom for us San Diegans. Depression is setting in for most.

This weekend, In an effort to thwart the growth of my ever-expanding waistline, I took a few extra trips to the Pit for some hot skate action.

On Sunday, I showed up to find that some concerned citizen had poured sand on the runway and ledges. No worries, I just ran home and grabbed my trusty pushbroom and began cleaning up.

Just as I finished, a posse of “hardcore” kids from points unknown unloaded from their Jettas. 15 or 20 kids deep, they looked ready to rip.

After summing up the spot, they prompty decided that this spot was “shit”, mostly due to the lack of a landing on the ‘big three’.

Despite the numerous fun lines to be had otherwise, said crew departed as quickly as they came, without so much as a kickflip on the flat, exclaiming “Let’s go to Poway”.

Just as they left, I had finished sweeping up the sand and was just about to get down to biz. Alas, SDPD was nearby, shaking down a Mexican guy selling ice cream without a permit in the park.

It took *two* officers over 30 minutes to ticket this guy, and then they hung about and yapped for another half hour.

Finally, I started my session, proceeding with my typical line:
Ollie gap, 50-50 ledge, ollie up curb, ollie over small gap, etc…

Soon enough I had ass-checked due to the tremendous overwaxing. Today, I’m limping around on a swollen butt-cheek.