More Code Cobblin’

I’m still working on my growing suite of Web Site tools (codename mTOOLS), which has served as my foray into object oriented programming.

At work we’re putting together a web-based file repository and a personnel directory- perfect fodder to become new classses for mTOOLS.

We looked a bit on PHP Classes, but everything I found was either overblown or a bit out-of-date. I grabbed the Gallery I had written just a bit earlier.

That piece begat a nice little Directory Lister widget. At work, Ingrid is putting together an administrative class to allow for directory creation and file uploads.

I stripped out some common functionality into a base class, and now both the gallery and directory lister share a common codebase.

Anyway, if anyone should care, here’s the tarballs:

DirectoryTools (Base Class)