My Dream Job

SWM Web Developer seeks employer for long-term relationship. Let’s make beautiful Web together.

* Live, breathe, and eat “the deal”.
* Are impeccably organized.
* Have a rolodex ten inches thick- and know how to use it.
* Are supremely cool and confident.
* Are a natural leader.
* Promote a healthy, happy workplace by example.
* Prefer face-to-face interaction over email.
* Understand what I do- and let me do it.
* Know when to work and when to play

* Punctual, committed, professional.
* Genuinely enjoys his work.
* Works hard, takes care of business, and gets home by 5.
* Lifetime learner – constantly building new skills.
* Really knows what he says he knows. No faux expertise.

Well, a boy can dream, can’t he?