Why I still don’t use Mozilla as my primary browser

* Slow to load : 10 seconds on a 2ghz Athlon?

* Ctrl + N opens a blank page

* Cannot view Source in my text editor.

* Cheesey UI, cannot consolidate taskbars into one single line.

* Can’t remove icon text or make icons small. I KNOW WHICH ONE IS THE “BACK ARROW”

* Cannot use alt+d to select the address bar.

* Security Icon in bottom-right interferes with dragging.

I’ve given up on Chimera as well, instead I’m using Safari on my Mac. although I whole-heartedly support Mozilla, I find their browser to be clunky and slow, and slowness is my major pet peeve on computers.

The best thing Moz has is the Javascript Console, which has become an absolute necessity. Also interesting is people making little mini-Moz apps using XUL- I think this tech has a lot of promise down the road.

For now, on a PC, it’s IE. There is simply no comparison. People saye rendering engine speed in Gecko is better, but who cares if the app takes 1000x longer to load in the first place. And really, aren’t we talking about 100th of a second here and there?

Please like to use the ‘alternative’, which is fine, but that’s not real criteria as far as I’m concerned.