Street Rake or Street Flake?

Last week at the pit, the local skateshop goon managed to have a screaming, board-throwing fit after not getting a KF Noseslide in a line. Of course there was NO CHANCE of him landing it. He barely came close.

Saturday, I arrive at the pit to find a youth stomping his board into pieces cause of a 360 flip that wasn’t getting landed anyway. After a thrown shard nearly hit me, I decided it was time for him to “give it a fucking rest” and asked if he was “finished with his temper tantrum”. Soon after, the sullen teen and his posse of slightly embarassed youths decided to vacate the area.

On sunday I returned to the pit to find Black Label am Pat Rakestraw (AKA ‘Street Rake’) and Kiwi FOSKO am Gareth Stehr, along with requisite filmer goons and hangers on.

Street Rake was going for jumper to BS 50-50 to BS 360 out on the Donger ledge (Markovich BS Smithed it). He landed it a couple of times, kinda sloppy, but he was ripping. I woulda been happy.

After a bunch of misses he freaks out, focusing his board by smacking it, griptape-side up, against the corner of the ledge. This has the effect of instantly shattering the board into little pieces.

After seeing all this nonsense I have to ask- how are these people gonna make it through life? It’s simply not OK for a grown man to have a temper tantrum, is it?