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Subject: Re: [websandiego] need some good ideas for PHP/mySQL functionality

>maybe someone out there needs an soap client that connects to a
>weather service and stores daily temperature
>averages for their region in a mysql database….?
>check out for web services server info and
>check out O’Reilly books for soap / web service code.

I just played around with a PHP SOAP client this morning.
Took about 15 minutes to make a “Dilbert of the day” page:

Check out Xmethods for public Web services:

Find one you like, then download nuSOAP

Write six lines of code to call and display the service.

I found that a couple of the services were flakey, watch out, but
there’s great
stuff like ARC/GIS and all sorts of Currency and Weather stuff.
Of course there’s also all sorts of RSS / Blog stuff.

Fun stuff, easy as pie. You could incorporate mySQL by ncorporating a
storage system
for user favorites or personalized streams and feeds.

Good Luck,

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