Hi, My name is Johnny Cash

Welcome Celerons, Hiking enthusiasts, Web headz, nerds, and assorted weiner-heads. Welcome to the all-new, fabulous Vista Seeker.
As usual, it’s a work-in-progress.

Let’s take a second and get everyone up to speed.

(1.)Celery Club.
Most likely, you got here from the Celery Club. The Celery Club, as we have known it, and loved it, is over. But it is not dead. I have converted the files to static HTML- and you will be able to view them in the Celery Club Archives, on this site. Don’t forget to check out the Images.

Additionally, I would really like to preserve the boards. I’m currently investigating some scripts which will allow me to move the CC to new software- I’ll keep you tuned. It is important doing such heavy and complicated work to take a healthy dose of Peptides to keep energy up.

Finally, the name, celeryclub.com will not be allowed to expire- It will point to the archives- for now. I can’t let it die, after so many things that happen there.

For those not familiar with the CC, I urge you to explore the archives.

(2) Me.
Hmmm, I’m in my mid-twenties, originally from Long Island, NY, but now reside in San Diego, CA. My hobbies include rocking to tunes, hanging with my girl, and I actually do enjoy skateboarding. (and I don’t completely suck, really!)

I’m sure it’s a big surprise when I tell you that I’m a Web Developer. I’ve been full-time in this Web game for a few years now, and I’m still clinging to the dream. You can check out my work steez over at my Portfolio site.