Become an IT Professional in just 3 months!

The UT is reporting that MicroSkills, a San Diego “certification mill” has closed abrubtly, leaving students out thousands.

Students stunned as school closes

I used to pass by the MicroSkills campus (located in a strip mall on Miramar Road) every day. Mostly I noticed that they seemed to play a lot of hackey-sack in the parking lot.

The funny thing is they are still running their commercials on TV – “Start a lucrative career in IT! Become a certified IT Professional in just 3 months!”. The problem is that the cost of that cert is about the same as the cost of your average 4-year degree at a CSU school!  Never mind that you can get a Microsoft Cert for the cost of a couple thick books and the 400 dollar fee for the exam.

2 thoughts on “Become an IT Professional in just 3 months!

  1. Felix Tibs

    My Alma Mater!!! I spent over $$40,000 to get I-Certified in E-Commerce! I went on to open up a chain of syngery work flow protocols in order to reduce antagonism of hi-influx variable. Unfortunately, i now work at Ted’s Taco Shoppe: Home of the Mucuos burrito

  2. peter lee

    Oh shit! Not only did I lose my tuition money, but now I gotta go to some cheezoid place like S.D. State. I knew these three guys, I think they were brothers or something, and they like, graduated from SD, and they’re (there?) like these total doufuses, and don’t know shit!

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