Shadow Glen Knolls at Aviara Mist Ridge

One of my favorite things about Southern California is the ersatz names that tract home developments are given. One day, you have a scrub-covered patch of dirt in the middle of nowhere, the next day, you have “Sierra Hills at Meadow Glen”. Never mind that they paved over the hills to make the guardhouse at the gates, or that the closest thing to a “meadow glen” is your 40 square foot patch of backyard.

Via Curbed LA, here’s your Guide to Suburban Subdivision Naming !

2 thoughts on “Shadow Glen Knolls at Aviara Mist Ridge

  1. peter lee

    How True- Here in Noo Yawk we have Forest Hills, with neither forests nor hills; Deer Park with neither of those, and of course let’s not forget Mr. Sassberto’s own home town of East Northport, which is actually south of Northport. And let’s not forget all the pompous appelations given to new Mc Mansion developments, such as Hunters Run, Quail Run or The Greens, where I guess salad is very popular.

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