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Idea blantantly stolen from Elias Vict:

Soylent Green
In the future, the teeming masses live in crowded, filthy squalor – but with swanky 70’s hair!

Amazingly enough this movie is still fun to watch even 30+ years later. Compared to the typical modern sci-fi flick, the pacing is a bit slow and the acting a bit hammy, but there is a lot of depth hidden in the background. The best part of this movie is that food is a central character – lettuce, tomatoes, and beef are rare, coveted items in a world where people live on wafers of “Soylent Red”. My guess – this thing will be remade at some point.

A History of Violence
Mild mannered Viggo Mortensen is not just a family man, he’s a made man!

This is a David Cronenberg movie, but it’s not nearly as weird as what you’d expect from the guy who did Dead Ringers. I liked this movie – it’s a very straightforward examination of the terrible things people do to each other – but most netflix and IMDB reviewers hated it. It’s not for the squeamish, that’s for sure.

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  1. peter lee

    I understand that Rowan Atkinson is developing a new food and calling it “Soylent Bean.”

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