Web Programming as Cop Shows

Session Start (AIM – sassbert:ArtLung): Fri Apr 25 09:55:05 2003
ArtLung: we should make the analogy cop shows
ArtLung: and have PHP be Law and Order
Sassbert: hmmmm
ArtLung: reliable. extendable
ArtLung: ubiquitous
ArtLung: perl is like hill street blues
Sassbert: CSI would be Coldfusion
ArtLung: classic. kind of old fashioned
Sassbert: slick and packaged for the masses
ArtLung: CSI is totally coldfusion!
Sassbert: hah
ArtLung: but lacking
Sassbert: no real depth, but it works
ArtLung: i like this
Sassbert: lol you’re killing me
Sassbert: JSP is CourtTV
ArtLung: lol
Sassbert: “The real thing”
ArtLung: but tedious
ArtLung: powerful, real, but tedious
Sassbert: and you need to know a lot to get into it
ArtLung: that still leave us with ASP
Sassbert: hmmmm
Sassbert: Columbo?
Sassbert: maybe….
Sassbert: MATLOCK?
ArtLung: for some reason, people watch it
ArtLung: damned if i know why
ArtLung: sometimes, you’re forced to watch it
Sassbert: this is going on the blog
Session Close (ArtLung): Fri Apr 25 10:25:22 2003