More Fashion Fun

Some more musings on corporate men’s fashion…

  • Wearing all-black does not really make you stylish. If you are over 30, it makes you weird.
  • If you are over 30, resist the urge to shop and H&M or Zara. Those clothes don’t fit you anymore. You can find lower-cost adult clothes at places like Lands End.
  • The hem of your pants is probably the most important detail of all. Your pants hem should touch the sole of your shoe in the back for a full break, and about an inch above for no break. Showing your socks or man-ankles is absolutely forbidden. Similarly, walking around with sacks of cloth on your shoes is not good either.
  • If your pants are hemmed too short, get them fixed at the tailor, don’t sag your pants down to make up for it.
  • Invest in more than one pair of shoes. A good basic selection would be a black plain or cap-toe oxford, a brown oxford, and a brown loafer. If you wear the same shoes every day, people will notice.
  • Wearing the same pair of Gucci Horsebit loafers every day is not going to cover the fact that you only have one pair of shoes. Instead of spending 500 dollars on those, get 3 pairs of Allen Edmonds on sale.
  • Wearing loafers with a suit really doesn’t make sense. Loafers are casual shoes.
  • Sportjackets are casual, not dress clothes. However in ‘business casual’ offices, you will get a little grief for wearing a jacket. Just keep at it and eventually they won’t notice. I’m wearing one today.
  • A tie and a dress shirt is not really any dressier than not wearing a tie at all. If you wear a tie, wear a jacket too. No jacket, no tie. You can just wear a sportjacket with out the tie as well.
  • If you wear a jacket, keep it on. If all you want to do is take the jacket off the minute you get to your desk, ditch the jacket entirely.
  • Buy a pair of socks that stay up. Baggy socks are definitely a no-no. Club Room socks have EverStay technology and really do stay up!
  • Socks match your pants. Not your shoes. So grey slacks and black shoes means grey socks.
  • Please, for the sake of everyone else in the office, wear an undershirt. I can see your hairy man-nipples through your white shirts.
  • If there is one and only one piece of advice I can offer, it is to either learn how to iron your clothes or go to the dry cleaner and get your clothes professionally pressed. You can’t just keep wearing the same shirt again and again without getting them pressed. My rule is 2 wears per laundering.

3 thoughts on “More Fashion Fun

  1. The Lung

    I predict that “hairy man-nipples” comes to be a major search phrase associated with!

    I find this awesome!

  2. peter lee

    Thanks for your suggestions on wardrobes
    I’ve tried on lots of clothes,
    but I can’t find anything for my earlobes
    so I’ll just keep wearing what I have,
    and cover them with my bathrobes

  3. Toby Vageen

    I am disappointed to find that there are no “men with hairy nipples” associated with this website!

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