“Puttering Around the Garden” (Destiny’s Child)

WAYNE: Tell me, what do you do when you’re out of work
Ya gotta sit in the lawn
What do you do when you’re out of work
You got a big butt to sit on
That’s what ya gotta do
Grab a brush and an weasel
Or else if you’re old and retired
Better grab your garden easel
Just get in the garden
Just get in the garden
Now, what do you do when they retire you
You didn’t want to go
But you were sixty-five, they said
(poof!) “Out the door!”
Then, what do you do
You got time on your hands
You sit, walking ’round in circles in your house
“I just don’t understand!”
In the garden
Ya just gotta get in the garden
Grab a hoe! Not me! This hoe! Go!
In the garden!

One thought on ““Puttering Around the Garden” (Destiny’s Child)

  1. peter lee

    Gotta love the garden. I’ve planted one in the backyard sins Sassberto was just a Sass. This year I have a couple of magical mystery squashes growing. O the wonder of growing veggies!

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