so into Podcasts right now

So I’m totally into these podcasts from the Itunes music store… for those who are not ‘with the whole podcast scene’ or a ‘hardcore podcaster’, a podcast is a downloadable radio show.

Since this is the Internet, 99% of the 4,546,212 podcasts in existence consist of 2 dorks arguing over who was darker: David Gahan or Robert Smith. Or talking about how Library Science will Democratize Social Software through RSS feeds.

I have to say I have been sorely disappointed with the tech-related content. Most of the content seems to center around Open Source, Macs, RSS or Blogging, etc… I guess this is the stuff people are into these days. IT Conversations (ITC) is well-produced show that suffers from serious dork-itus. Listening to Robert Scoble, I could only think that this guy’s skin tone must be that of light mustard.
Ira Flatow’s Science Friday is the standout.

However, it should be known that many quality radio stations and a few high-rent Internet-type productions are out there. NPR, BusinessWeek, KCRW, local radio, etc… My favorite is Le Show.

Here’s the current faves for yours truly:
Ira Flatow (NPR)
60 Minutes Podcast
Harry Shearer (Le Show)
Marketplace (American Public Media)
BusinessWeek cover stories
Warren Olney’s ‘Which way LA’ and ‘To the Point’
NPR Story of the Day

That said, I have heard enough Scooter Libby coverage to last me a long, long time.