NYC 2k5

Sassy & the wife will be visiting the Eastern climes in late July. This time around there is more than just R&R as a motive. This trip is a critical fact-finding mission.

I know what you’re thinking: “Sassy, what the hell are you talking about?”. Well, here’s the deal: Sassy and Wife are strongly considering relocation to NYC.

Now you’re thinking: “NYC? Are you nuts?”. Well, of course, but we already knew that. Truth is, after 10 years in San Diego, yours truly feels restless and bored in the beautiful and very laid back city of San Diego. Missing his family, missing the bustle and history of the city, Sassberto has decided that NYC is an option which must be considered.

Another reason – Sassy is a sucker for pre-war apartments, and if I’m gonna spend 2500 a month to own a 1BR, it’s gonna be in NYC, not San Diego (sorry Dago!). The stucco 70’s shitbox will not cut the mustard.

Anyway, the itinerary is just coming together. The plan is to rent a car and hit up all of the spots of my short list nabes. For fun, y’all NYC’ers can critique my picks.

– We are looking to buy, not rent
– 1 or 2 BR sub 400k
– prefer pre-war brick
– prefer low-rise
– Co-op or Condo
– prefer quiet and safety to nightlife and restaurants
– sub 1hr commute to Manhattan

Anyway, here’s the short list, by Boro, in order of consideration

— Clinton Hill / Fort Greene
— Bay Ridge (concrete skatpark!)
— Red Hook
— Prospect Heights / Prospect Park South
— Ditmas Park / Lefferts Gardens

— Astoria
— Jackson Heights (Landmarked District)
— Forest Hills / Kew Gardens / Rego Park

Manhattan / Bronx
— Riverdale
— Hamilton Heights / Inwood

Jersey City
— Downtown JC / Paulus Hook / Hamilton Park
— Hoboken
— Weehawken

Chime in, kiddies!