Latest and Greatest

It’s been awhile, I know.

– Holidays in LI were nice as always. Much food was eaten. The sausage bread and the re-emergence of beef at the dinner table were much appreciated.

– In an odd re-reunion I saw Francis Harvey at the Roderick’s, and Mike Amorillo on the plane to SD. Both kids I went to elementary school with. Hyrda Byrda!

– Note: American Airlines terminal at JFK bears more than a passing resemblance to ‘steerage’.

– Of course Le Creeper, Cus Joey, Cregs, and Felix Tibs were in the house. When the pimps in the crib, mon…

– 2 nights at the Roger Williams in NYC, natch. 18 degree temps did not discourage us from walking from 31st street to 80th street via Central Park.

– L&O fans mark the passing of Jerry Orbach. A man of broadway and a mean billiards shark, he will be missed.

– CC Alum and all around good-guy Artlung tied the knot, vegas style. Cheers! The lung has bid adieu to sunny dago and seeks his fame and fortune in La-La land.

– Similarly, CC OG Elias Vict announced pending nuptuals via the web-site.

– Storms in the southland have the SD minions jumping about with excitment. Massive complaining seems to be the typical reaction. News Flash: it rains, sometimes.

– Yours truly is embarking on some re-schooling and re-tooling per a possible attempt at MBA admissions. This week: Financial Accounting for non-Accountants. 9 weeks of mind-numbing fun!

– NYC re-location planning mode is in full swing, but admission to NYU Stern or Columbia may be contingent upon Sassy getting some blue-blood, and quick. Apparently a BA in Art from SDSU doesn’t hold the clout it once did.