Back from NY for turkey, sick as a dog. Taking the day off to recoup.

A good time was had by all. Saw the whole fam. Cousin Joey was as incoherent as ever.

Attended my 10th high school reunion and had a blast. The girls looked good, the guys looked paunchy. Made some key contacts for the pending NYC move in 24 months. Note: do never peak in high school. Note 2: It’s “California” not “Cali”.

Word is the SOME ACTION is wrapping up their first full-length. SA bassman and all-around party poodle Johnny G continues to rock the LES fringe with squid guts and camel lights. More to come.

Tibsy was missed, but was on everyone’s minds as he prepares to move into a leaky shack in the woods with an outhouse. Tibsy’s new Dell is not thrilled about this turn of events.

Next time you’re in Huntington, have a slice at Little Vincents. Best slice in the Township?