I Hate Carrie Bradshaw

My wife and I don’t have HBO, so we watch the shows on DVD. This lets you get the compressed version of 5 seasons in just a few days.

We ran through the Sopranos in a few weeks, then moved on to Sex and the City. Right now we’re midway through season 4 and things are going south.

S&TC was great early on – chicks getting laid and running around in their underwears, talking about dick. Halfway through season 3, things got serious, people got married, pregnant, whatever.

Slowly, as things progressed, I found myself repeatedly screaming at the TV, saying: “I hate this bitch!”.

The problem is Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw. I hate her.

I’m not going to explain why, as it would make me seem more pathetic than I am, but suffice it to say that watching a 35-year old woman act like a 15-year old makes me wanna puke.