The Pit has been knobbed. Viciously knobbed. Even unskateable sections of the ledges are done.

Some secondary stuff remains, but the pit is over. Back to being a decripit shit-pile like it was before, I guess.

You know who I blame? Firstly, The people at the AA meetings. They needed to clear the area so they could have an unobstructed cigarette-smoking platform. Bitter people, angry people. Hey, have a drink, you’ll feel better.

Secondly, I blame every skater who smashed a board,
talked shit to a pedestrian,
or divebombed right in someone’s way.
This includes
sticker monkeys,
sawzall jockeys who cut down the railing,
and the wax taggers.
I blame the kids I saw trying to pull the ‘No Skateboarding’ sign out of the ground.
I blame the dipshits who roll to the spot and leave their garbage all over the place. Fuck you, too.

I got a new spot, and I’m not telling anyone about it. It’s remote and vacant. There’s a few natural obstacles, so I’m gonna need a port-a-rail or somethin’.