Shame on you Rolls

Posted on : September 28, 2000

by: Kilgore

Yo Rolls, You should be ashamed of your self. I caint believe that you would dis your homies like that man. Yo thats wack. Aint nothin wrong with a little Fruit Boot action every now and then. Yo I you just mad because you see all the roller bladers do some supah fly trix and stuff, and you cant hang. Thas right Rolls Im callin you out. I mean how could you diss someone doin positive things for the community like this guy?

I dont get it man, and if Im not mistaken, you used to be the biggest Wu fan I knew. So what up wit dat. And Head, I wit you on the white guys who act black, werd, that shit is wack. People always be like “Yo, Black people aint even into sock puppets.” and I be like “Yo, yes I am” you know. People just aint knowin. Werd.

Things that really suck is, people who dont take their time when they make their sock puppets, I mean like yo, you cant just get a sock and draw eyes on it with a damn marker, thats wack. You gotta glue those plastic eyes on it and go to the fabric store and get some felt and sew it on for a mouth and stuff.

yo man, I just had to set the facts straight.

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