Posted on : January 25, 2001

by: Sassy

Yesterday morning I woke up, ready to hurl. I made my way to the bathroom and expelled the previous night’s dinner, some chicken strips and french fries. I felt better after hurling, so I decided to go to work, the whole time asking myself “should I just stay home?”

After my usual commute, consisting of going 10 miles an hour behind a rolling train of dump trucks, semis, cement mixers, and 17-year old Vietnamese NT techs driving lowered civics and blasting the most hyperactive techno possible at 7 AM, I arrived at work in a state of nausea.

The hp scanner i use at work has never worked correctly (DON’T BUY ANYTHING HP MAKES) and a fed ex guy would be there to pick it up later on. I needed to box up the scanner. Of course at my work there are no boxes available. Despite the fact that we have a giant warehouse in the back full of crap, I could find not one box suitable for delivery. Finally I located one out in the back under the dumpster, easily triple the necessary size. I returned to my office to find that my co-worker, Raver Boy had, as usual, left all his crap on my desk and neglected to push his chair under his desk. Being sick and flustered, I slammed his chair under his desk, knocking over a bunch of his “Ron D. Core” cd’s and his precious “Jabber” collection, whatever the hell that is. I felt better. I tried to quickly add a short blurb to the website but the insanely slow connection would not allow me to get to my website’s backend. Infuriated and about to hurl again, I scrawled a note to my superiors and bailed.

I turned straight around, not having touched my coffee, bagel, bananna, apple, or other breakfast items, got home, went to bed, and slept for about 6 hours.

Today I feel much better and I’m back to my daily routine of reading Slashdot, Wired News, and phpbuilder all day with intermittent fits of work.

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